Chackies & Schmattas

Let us suppose Earth has now reached its final upgrade

We’ve seen it all

Been there… Done that

Seen how cruel and kind humanity could be

Advanced throughout the fluctuations of norms and inequality

Sustained only the fittest of us all

Money… Fame… Zen… doesn’t matter anymore

No sad, poor soul, nothing left to rebel about

Just pure boredom

It all seemed routine… ordinary…

Other than the planned relocation

Let us suppose that Major Tom has successfully landed…

Terraformed another planet

What will we fill it with?

What elements of Earth life will we decorate it with?

Culture, Religion, Glam, Industry, Media, Song, Building, House, Streets, Business, Peace, Arrogance, War, Newspaper, Tablet Device, University, Knitting, Podcast, Bathroom, Zoo, Menu, Buss, Ballroom, Sports, Flags, Hammer, Sardine, Novel, Selfie, Car, Hammock, Crown, Dagger, Towel, Museum, Syringe, Giftwrap, Ball, Pillow, Pot, Nail Polish, Pepper, Brandy, Pet, Pet Store, Swiss Knife, Clindamycin, Government, Buttons, X-ray, Slippers, Bleach, Toast, Book, Cracker, Stand-up Comedy, Tennis, Social Media, Legends, Spam, Board Game, Sushi, Boomerang, Jewelry, Candle, Boat, Hairbrush, Deli, Bike, Suit, Butter, Tattoo, Avocado Toast, Jail, Lego, Pyramid, Garden, Kale Chips, Socket, Speedo, Uber, Violin, Lamp, Leather Jacket, Bomb, Cheese, Guitar, Batman, Vest, Eyeglass,

Lotion, Cellphone, Train, Money, Origami, Programming, Beatbox, Ribbon, Disco Ball, Battery, Sanitizer, Cushion, THC, Mask, Confetti, Pomade, Whiskey, Keys, Vanilla Ice Cream, Bouquet, Microphone, Tetris, Factory, Water Bottle, Bikini, Smart Watch, Potato, Lounge, White Board, Pie, Mug, Pencil, Spear, Piano, Door, Rice Cooker, Straw, Ring, Stuff Toy, Bulb, Zip Line, Mop, Sandwich, Poker, Timbre, Underwear, Golden Egg, Rugby, Super Glue, Sesame, Calendar, WordPress, Gameboy, Tarot Cards, Head Phone, Hair Pin, Light Bulb, Sword, Roller Blades, Hawaiian Shirt, Carrousel, Masquerade Costume, Christmas Tree, Bracelet, Black Board, Movie Theater, Yankee Memorabilia, Printer, Advertisement, Projector, Fly Trap, Hospital, Junkyard, Trash Can, Concert, Pet Store, Vacuum Cleaner, Ergonomic Chair, Jacket, Pasta, Canoe, Snow Blower, Fig Bar, War, Map, Asparagus, Elevator, Rainbow Sprinkle, Earing, Fishing Rod, Tourist Spot, Plastic Utensils, Bavarian Donut, Bubble Bath, Socks, Sudoku, Ruler, Drum, Guacamole, Trophy, Remote Control, Uniform, Pottery, Lamp, Scooter, Bed, Play Station, Casino, Laboratory, Hula-hoops, Nuclear Weapon, Cotton Balls, Wedge, Flute, Water Hose, Cardboard Box, Pepper Spray, Street Signs, Sharpener, Loofa, Television, Steamer, Toolbox, Milk, Tears, Raincoat, Jazz, Facelift, Synthesizer, Papadum, Elevator, Money, Tomb Stone, Celebrity, Translator, Mime, Karaoke, Pub, Subtitle, Prayer, Rationality, Warning Sign, Gossip, Hot Chocolate, Minestrone, Charger, Tribunal, Eccentricity, Porn, Dice, Sorrow, Curtain, Alphabet, Tray, Directions, Drippy Egg, Articles, Pony Rides, Clutter, Shallowness, Daylight Saving Time, Name, Crossword Puzzle, Post Code, Plastic Bag, Opinion, Balloon, Fortune Cookie, Sandpaper, Loophole, Pink Wall, Monastery, Tragedy, Sink, Lies, Crown, Vulnerability, Gas Tank, Tenderizer, Journal, Duty Free, Disagreements, Bills, Perm, Jigsaw, Wedding, Welding Tools, Grapes, Electric Guitar, Calculation, Diary, Fig Bar, Address, Massage, Gong, Egg Peeler, Selfishness, Selflessness…. Etc… etc… etc…



Anything other than Life on Earth